The veiled choice

Feminism isn’t about stripping your body off the veil (burqa) covering your body, it is about helping you acknowledge the existence of the veil of indoctrinated lies covering your vision about reality.

I write this sick and tired of viral pictures by misogynist Muslim men trying to compare their women with candies, chicken etc to show that it is a normal human preference for obtaining “objects” like candies as packed than otherwise, and that feathered chickens look better than unskinned ones. If you have been there, you know that the simple cries of “women are not candies /chicken / objects”, more often than not, fall on deaf ears. And how much more can you talk when the same arguments are held by women, without being labelled as a misogynist who wants to strip their hijab off and eye-rape their scalp hair, ears, nose and chin? How do we even have a chance to do it the thorough way, by using arguments about what constitutes choice or liberty, about what patriarchy and misogyny has done to their mentality, about psychological adaptations that occur in response to oppression and about evolutionary psychology for determination of what shapes female choices? You have to get down to their level and show them what can’t be unseen.

So I have made a short strip of pics. So that you may catch my point better, please glance through the pics first, without reading the commentary written in italics, because the pictures themselves say a point, when read in order. You can then go through them the second time with the commentary. And please read the disclaimer at the end.


What do you do with your car in your garage or veranda? You are at home and so you won’t sit inside it, there is no point in flaunting its beauty to your own family, so you cover it up for protection. The car looks lifeless, but then it’s your property and subjected to your choice.

So when you have to go out in your car, you remove the covers, so you can freely see from inside the car and freely do all the things that using the car is about. You honor the car, for all that is added to it for looks and functionality. The car seems to have all the life and glamour because of your choice to take it out, use it and flaunt it. Again, your property, your choice!

When a woman is outside your house and fully covered, she is of no use to you, she is just a baggage, a bit more free to move than the car in your garage.

Through that net covering her eyes and noses, she can see just enough to not bump into random things and people, but you have not rendered her the freedom of observing the nature like you do.

She can take only just enough oxygen to survive, you have not rendered her the freedom to feel the fresh air on her face.

With those gloves, she can hold your baby and her little stuff in her hands, but you have not rendered her the freedom to feel the beauty of nature, including her own baby.

She can speak through her veil, but you have not rendered her the freedom to express herself through dozens of muscles of facial expression because of niqab, or through her body language. In the name of protecting herself from the dirty eyes of unrelated men, she can’t kiss her male child when out, nor can the child guess what her mom is feeling without asking her. Worse with a girl child, she doesn’t even have those secondary sexual characters you so jealously want to hide. Neither the mother nor the daughter can see what the other is feeling.

The scenario changes when you bring this precious luggage back home. You have already built up the idea that the outside world is too dangerously eye-rape hungry for inherently weak women to tackle by themselves. The gender roles of the game of chess are opposite to that in Islamic society. She is told that she is a queen whose needs to be inhibited for her own protection, that she is to be honored at her palace. True, except that it is the definition of “honoring” what Garrett Jacob Hobbs uses in the T.V series Hannibal. She is to be honored in the sense that her female parts, the parts that her make her the queen and not the king, are to be thoroughly made use of, for marital rape, reproductive coercion. When People outside their “palace” want to honor her in the sense of appreciating her existence by recognizing her face, she can’t do it because she has to cover herself from tip to toe. She can’t honor herself by freely feeling the good and bad of the world using her own strength, because she has to cover herself. She can only uncover herself when you want to honor her.

DISCLAIMER: I do not intend to compare women with cars, I intend to suggest that they are wrongly been treated as cars to an extent that at least some women have forgotten that they are not inanimate cars and candies to source their honor from others.

The message is not about when women should cover/uncover and how much they should uncover, it is about showing that it has wrongly been the exclusive choice of muslim men, who by imposing burqa on girls as yearly as 3 years of age and indoctrinating children about its false purposes, have made their objectification sound like a way of honoring women.


Kuch bhi karega for candyman.

War on the new year


So during the last week or so, the things trending in my facebook news feed were: the war on christmas, on why atheists can celebrate christmas, on why you can remove the “christ” from the christmas, and all those trying to remind that it is a mythmas. I have never given a fuck about christmas and this year is was no different. I am not into celebrating birthdays either. 2014 is just there and my balance in personal ‘fucks account’ is still zero. However, I totally understand, feel and not enjoy people celebrating these things. Its fun to watch and analyze how others get crazy. But this post is not about my personal preferences. It is about the incompetent yet pathetic war on celebration of the new year. But why did I tell you about me? We’ll see that later on…

Impersonally, I find January 1st, the best festival humanity has ever bothered to celebrate. It is the only part of the year when, for the greatest portion of human population, all the individual differences don’t matter. Some nationalists have pointed out to me that the Indian youth should celebrate the Indian Independance day more passionately than January the 1st. I often want to go “its like an animal celebrating the passage of a multiple of 365.25 days since the conquest of its native territory”. But I don’t, let them whine, I say. And as far as the country of my birth and residence (India) is concerned, the idea of independance is so funny, its almost like christmas, based on a propagated myth. If I happened to be in those countries where the idea of Independance makes sense, I might throw away a few social fucks about it, but its still about the shitty sibling of religion called nationalism. January 1st is, (and its likely to remain so for many years to come), the only day where the celebration crosses most political, regional, religious, social and economic and whatever fucking  differences.

Now someone would argue the same about christmas, as it does cross many of the barriers that January 1st does. Yes on December 25th, the majority of the human population does settle down and celebrate. Don’t worry I m not bringing the time travelling muslims to strengthen the case against christmas. A good fraction of non-christians don’t celebrate christmas at all (without having having any form of butthurt-itis characteristic of those time travelling muslims). Their reason would be simple, they don’t have enough christian friends around to create the hype. Or they never grew up celebrating christmas. India would be a good example, in a lot of clusters, people just treat christmas as a holiday, not a reason to celebrate. Of those that do celebrate, I dont think they share the same feelings about the festival. And there are things that people talk on each christmas like: the war on christmas, the boring historical reminders about the truth of december 25th and debates about the same, parent discussions about the recommended modifications in the myth about santa for children and blah blah. When the whole world needs a common day to celebrate, it has to be essentially free of time-inappropriate discussions like these.

It’s not the same with January 1st, people have more or less the same reasons for celebration and there little or no irritating discussions on the day. People relate their life events to the common global calender. It does make some sense to program yourself into pretending that, at the end of a calender year, your old shit is left behind, while in the head feeling that a long duration of time, called an year, has passed away and you need to gear up in life, do the things you are missing out on, or just recollect your year in a flashback. Just pointing that we don’t tend to do this rethinking and revaluating process on any other day, not even the birthday. Another important reason, it is on this day that we can mourn for the extremist muslims, who prefer to live as living fossils and declare a war on this peaceful festival.

Images of this kind are being shared as a part of this impotent verbal attack on the new year.


I encountered one such person today, in real life. She is a well respected and loved teacher. I didn’t bring in the topic of new year or even anything remote, not today, not ever! She knew I wasn’t going to do anything about the change of date, especially since I use only digital calenders! But she had to bring it out of nowhere, as a conversation starter, and piss me off…

She: I am glad that I am not a slave of the christians to celebrate their festivals, I am not going to wish anyone on the christian new year. (It is funny how these burqa packed women call others as slaves).

Me: Thanks for mentioning, it doesn’t make sense to wish you for the new year 2014, when I am the only one among us who is moving into it!

She: What? (she obviously didn’t get the intended joke, which is why I am telling you)

Me: But I am sorry I didn’t wish you on your birthday. (fake apology, obviously)

She: And I took care of it by not wishing you on yours, although I know you don’t care about your own birthday.

Me: Hmm. Very nice and smart of you to take your revenge without even hurting me. Your lot should learn something from you.

She: Yeah, whatever. (She was clearly offended about the phrase “your lot” but I strongly suspected that she didn’t catch any other part of the sentence. It is one of the techniques these theists use, they just don’t listen you intently, all their limited attention is for those more fanatic than themselves).

Me: (I couldn’t resist to clarify) I meant that if your lot could figure out ways to take a revenge without bombing others every now and then, that would do a lot good to the world.

She: (Vey angry) It is only a tiny fraction of muslims who blow up people. Islam means peace.

Me: (postponing the laugh about the second statement). I agree they are a smaller portion, but how are you different from them? Are you telling me that the audience of the gladiator shows who did the “thumbs down” were in principle, any different from the people who actually murdered others for fun?

I don’t care how each one of you interprets the quran, for each one of you is obviously free to follow things prevalent in the modern society, that are not dictated in quran, because for instance you celebrate your birthday. Did Mohammed celebrate his birthday? What kind of doll did Aisha demand for her 7th birthday? (She ran away but I continued in my head)…. It is the change you would want to see in the world that matters. A hardworking teacher and a suicide bomber, both think that jews and christians are what is wrong with the world. You belong to “their lot” precisely because you are travelling back in the same time-machine, you might be on the passenger seat, some of the others might be in the driver’s seat, but all of you want more and more people on board, including your infants and children. Is there even a single day in your muslim calender when all muslims unite to prove the world how your religion is a religion of peace?


Every demand of peace andreligion of peace every peaceful state isn’t positive. Say you are lost in the mountains, being chased by a beast, what is the beast’s idea of peace? It wants you to shut the chaos of rebellion and silently give in and be its food, rendering it a hearty peaceful meal. What is the idea of “peace” for a man enslaving a dozen men and women, merely for labor? He sees peace in their life long submission into slavery. Any rebellion on the part of his slaves disturbs not only his own peace of mind but also the peace of the workplace. Have this beast or this master ever questioned their acts? I would say the former is incapable of doing so, while the latter can, but doesn’t do so. Because, questioning is likely to result in lost of his present peace of mind, and that is enough reason to be in denial of his evil doing. The strength of this denial is proportional to the duration of such a way of life and inversely proportional to the man’s age at imbibition of such ideas.

Here, meet an average non-terrorist muslim. Take a closer look as to why and how his religion dictates him to bring about peace. All these arguments for “religion of peace” may or may not rest within the mind of a single muslim or a single group of muslims. But carefully seen, at least one of these reflect the idea of “peace” in any “practicing” muslim (does not apply to those blasphemers who prefer to call themselves as “muslims” for cultural reasons or for fear of execution).

  1. We are peaceful people, peacefully teaching islam to our children, making them read quran, the only true word of god, since they were young. But when you teach science to our children and make them question the word of god, make them blaspheme out of our ways, you disturb our peace.
  2. There is peace in our family because our women follow what we say. When women choose not to do so, the peaceful state is disturbed and we have to use our religious laws to punish her and bring back peace into our peace loving family.
  3. We are very protective of our women, we would lose our peace when they get sexually fantasized by other men. Hence we take precautionary measures, we keep our women (as young as 3, because quran does not dictate an age of eligibility for sexual contact, so we infer there isn’t one) indoors as far as we can, bar them automobiles and gadgets and social accounts on the internet. But since that cannot be done with perfection, especially since kafirs have made the world so fast, we need the age-old remedy from blocking other men to see the beauty of our women, the burqa. But according to the quran, the kafir women are slaves, and lustfully staring at them, molesting, capturing, raping and killing them are all right.
  4. Aisha peacefully agreed to marry our prophet mohammed at age 6, agreed to his “thighing” between ages 6 and 9, and peacefully agreed to consummation of marriage at age 9. We peacefully see that our girls follow suite. But when the kafirs try to change this, tell us that what our idol mohammed did was wrong, our peace is disturbed and we have to fight to restore this peace.
  5. We are peace loving muslims who don’t join the terrorists, even as we read about their jihadi acts in newspapers. But when people mock our ideal man, the messenger of allah, with cartoons, our peace is disturbed and we need to kill the cartoonist to teach the world that they shall never do such acts to disturb our peace.