PINK: Are You Enlightened Or Just Entertained?

Once the movie circles up your thoughts, you need a good review such as this, that stirs it up nicely.


WARNING: Spoilers ahead but it doesn’t cause any real harm in this one. 

After the banality of clichéd content that managed to keep Bollywood on a rampant typicality and regular public in the theaters, came PINK that attempted to break the mold. With the name of Shoojit Sircar, and a just approach by the writer, Ritesh Shah, the audience FINALLY saw what us feminists have been yelling at the top of our voices for centuries. Yes, it took a mysterious training-mask wearing Amitabh Bachchan to tell the masses that “Dude, NO means NO!”

Don’t get my tone wrong, I loved the film just like you did. But let’s just give it one of those reality check reviews.

What’s for real?

First of all, no doubt, the storytelling deserves your love. A gripping and detailed tale of a hangout gone wrong takes you vehemently through the edges of three women’s attacked modesty and impeached personal lives before finally offering you a seat in the court where

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Types of theists

I would classify theists into 3 classes based on how they deal with the overwhelming scientific knowledge and advancements.

The anti-science people
You would really need to dive too deep to understand their worldview. They don’t reject all of science (well nobody in the civilised world does). They only reject that part of science which conflicts with their religious beliefs which tend to be dramatically variable, even among the most fanatic of the same religion. For instance, Sarah Palin would just shut up and stay in the kitchen and Phil Robertson won’t grow hair like that, if they were really going by the bible. These people need to wall off each scientific fact from their scriptural stories and each modern law from the mugged biblical laws. They live among haphazardly built walls in their world view.

They are highly susceptible for Butthurt,trying to take offence for anything anybody has to say. Well that is how blood gets to flow to their brains, it is their substitute of the video games smarter people play in modern era. Otherwise, they would just get numb by peaceful repetition of the same hateful old Bronze Age texts.

They might be the most horrible theists, but as far as their genetic load is concerned, they are decreasing in percentages for various reasons. First thing, it’s simply not easy to be that wilfully ignorant and narcissistically stupid these days. No matter how deep is the stupid in them, they are more likely than not, to have progeny that are less ignorant compared to them. Second, at least some of them manage to kill themselves by virtue of their stupidity (faith healing, suicidal bombing, non-religious stupid acts, etc.,) or decide that “a special personal relationship” with the deity is a total alternative to sex, sparing the world of at-least their biological descendants.

The pro-pseudoscience people
These people are weaker than their anti-science friends in employing the ego-defence mechanism of denial. They are slightly smarter, and know at the back of their heads that their religious fantasies will not be coherent with existing scientific knowledge. They end up distorting some scientific theories and patch them up with pre-existing pseudoscientific theories to create an alternative world, so that they now live in two worlds about the same things, and keep jumping alternately among them, depending on their morale, whether they feel down-to-earth or angelic.

They brag about having peeped into some unexplored realm of science that somehow accounts for their egotistic expectations from the reality. Some may address their discovery as a reality scientists would endorse in the future, while others are just happy with their alternative catchy nomenclature. They are a pain in the ass for scientists and laypeople trying to improve scientific temper among the masses. It is this group of people who start off religion backed pseudoscience cults.

The pro-science:

They accept all the science that they understand but don’t reject the science that they don’t. They are the soldiers who didn’t find the battle interesting but intermittently whine when their kind is being criticised. So you can only really drag them into a sustained argument by making them whine first. Else they would just go back to praying to the money god to ultimately improve their chances at routine courtship behaviours!

So when they do talk, they don’t actually say that they know all of science, they kind of talk like they do. Yes, this includes people who don’t know that there is a theory of evolution or the Big Bang or why seasons occur and will simply give you gentler facepalms with their ignorance. Others are less innocent, they google and pluck out the gaps in evolution, or just repeat what Ray Comfort said. Most just behave like kids who want an imaginary friend to strengthen them to find their lost car keys, or like adults who can’t otherwise brag about having a celebrity friend or a political connection. The irony is that these people, who depend on the tiny gaps in evidence backed scientific theories, miss out that the entity they use to fill these gaps, their god, has at it’s rear end an unaccounted abyss of its own creation evading timeless existence than no creationist has or can ever account for.

P.S: Didn’t write this with a serious tone and didn’t care to be politically correct or exact or inclusive or shit!