shit vaxxers say

there are just TOO MANY herbs out there, who knows how many poisons, infections and vectors, ALFATOXINS nd SULFUR, ALUMINUM, n MAGNECIUM!!….many peeps have DIED REPEATEDLY THRU HISTORY eating them CRAZY MUSHROOMS.


Naturalnews evil scumbags are tryin to take us back 2 pleesetoscene days were most of the ANCESTORS WERE INCESTORS WHO DIED AFTER TRYING THEM HERBS!! i aint putting anything natural shit and UTRA TOXIC stuff like that in my veins.


whale.2 tryin to make you lik DORFINS!! …..TOP SECRET PROJECTS ……REVERSE EVOLUTION, genetic engingeer and who noes what not….. yo dont see in TVs…. DOLFINS R GETTING SMART, learnin people stuff. // u even KNOW ENDORFIN MEANING? Lemme spel for you FucKS, It is “EN = INSIDE + DORFINS!!! ……Y don you google history of man, moron mommies without PhDs!!


If them mommie instincts are so affective, why do mommas have to force it on thier children? haha GOT YU?!! Your attachment parenting causes autism!!


WATER MEMORY is the goverbment’s way of POISONING your D&A and make you sterile and give your kids AUTISM!!! ……I saw evidence in a ONE SINGLE youtube video why you no see it fucking antivac!!?!


i m discusted with all you IGNORANT PEEPS, doo some REEL RE-SEARCH morons, homoeopathic electromolecular spetrum fingerprinting is done to tap your thoughts by NSA, goddam NSA. these MUTATED particles go to FAT CELLS IN YOUR BRAIN THRU SPINAL CORD, and you BEHAVE LIKE DRONES!!


HITLER was an experimenting homeopath!! them concentration cAmps were homeopathy field trials, treating jewes like labrats. natural news wont tell you y he ws vegetarian?1! go watch history channel, you foolishes!! I KNEW IT that you praise hitler, you Luc like fanatic christian!!


very few guys know that methanol is mixed with alcohol to make the homeo meds, a fact BigWHALE and BigNATURE are trying to hide from the world. they do EVERYTHING they can to divert you mommies with issues into thinking the same about vaccines. that is more common in developing countries where the locale goverbment is tryin to control population control and stuff like that. poor people. faux news show, check it dumbass. METHANOLE MAKE FORMALDEHYDE inside them bodies and PEOPLE ARE DYING!!


number of patents visiting chiropracters has increased thousands off times in last 50 years!! that in DIRECT PROPORTION to increase in spine complaints//…..dont you see the proof idiot gulble sheepel!! this proofes that all these spine problems have come bcoz of chiropracters!! Our ancesters never had spine problems!!


they deleted my link to pubmed. cold hearted bitches!! people hav bcum cold hearted becoz accupuncturist taps and turns off them NERVE ENDINGS that take KARMIC GOOD EMOTIONS TO BRAINS!!


these magnet therapy bands are EVIL CONSPIRASIES!! they are foolin round you sheepel and turning your positiev energy into negative powwer!!


hahaha. FLU SHOTS ARE ONE 100% percent safest. my COUSIN’s first boyfriend GOT IT, AND HE becaome VAX PRO!! !! …. YOU LOOSERS,


you must be that person who is JEALOUS OF BILL GATE MONEY!!…. U AND YOUR POOR PERYL DOREY will die of Accquired AIDS HAHAHA…. ITS YOUR POOR KIDS, i wish they were in africa.


obama and osama, satan and santa, Meryl-Peryl, Luc-fluke!! dont ya mommies see the pattern of EVIL IN DYSGUYSE!


wakefield is spawn of SATAN!! yu are going to ROT IN HELL like your POISON HERBS ROT ON EARTH if yu dont vaccinate kids.


polio cases are outbreaking becuase OPRA WANNA SHOW ON THEM VACCINE DENIED KIDS…. you centimental fools!! ….jenny is just marketing embassaddore for her!! she had ELECTRA COMPLEX FOR HER UNBORN DAUGHTER, then diagnosiss came wrong and they told it was a SON !! ….don u kno she made her son autistic with attachment parenting? read this mrs gulible!!

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